Amrita Singh reunited with Sharmila Tagore after 14 years

How funny or heart taking it seems that your children can wash away your all silly or destroying acts of past in just a while…
Amrita Singh the Ex-wife of Saif Ali Khan is now in breaking news. She has now connected with Sharmila Tagore Ex-mother in law after 14 years.

Sara Ali Khan Debut Movie “Kedernath” .

“Kedarnath” is a latest film in which Sara Ali Khan her granddaughter is a debutante. She urged her grandma to thanks Amrita Singh for her success. Sharmila ji said that Amrita singh had brought up her grandchildren in a very well-mannered and in systematized way. They have not forgotten their cultural and traditional values. All credit goes to Amrita for making their grandchildren like this. Amrita and Sharmila ji were not connected since last 14 years.

History of Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan Marriag

Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan were married in 1991 and get separated in 2004 with two children Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. Saif Ali Khan said in his post breakup interviews that taking divorce from Amrita was not an overnight decision. It took couple of months to think whether i have to take divorce from her or not.

He said it was not a good decision for his children.At that time my son Ibrahim was chamcha of me. He copies me all the time.He moves like me ate like me .My son thought that I’m on a long trip for promoting my films. He called me out in a public place where you have been for a long time? I feel very awful at that time. But Sara was aware of the current circumstances. Saif says that whatever he have been earned so far was all for Sara and Ibrahim.

How Saif Ali khan And Amrita Singh met?

She said we met at a set of a film. Right after a week or more he asked me “can we go out for a dinner?” I said i don’t go on dinners but u can come to my place for a meet up. At that meet up we kissed for the first time and after some meet ups, we decided to get married.

Why Saif Ali khan and Amrita Singh Divorced?

Amrita Singh reported in her post breakup interviews that there were millions of reason why we took a step like divorce that badly affected their children too. Saif Ali Khan parents were not agreeing for this marriage because Amrita singh was 10 years older than him. But Saif Ali Khan had no importance of age over love. Inspite of family issues, He married to Amrita Singh but Alas! Their marriage remains for only 14 years.

Rosa was Saif ali khan's girlfriend
Saif Ali khan’s Italian Girlfriend Rosa .

Amrita singh said that Saif Ali Khan had a wandering eye on an actress that he was promoting for a film other than this he was also in a relationship With Rosa, an Italian dancer with whom he cheated on me. In contrast Saif Ali Khan said time washed out my all love for her. Her attitude towards me was terrible. She was getting mad on simple
acts of me.

Life of Amrita Singh after divorce 

During their marriage life Amrita Singh has quitted acting to brought up his children in a better way. But after divorce she came back into film industry to raise their children in a better economical way. According to her there was no financial support by him. She did 5 films and one TV serial after her divorce.

Sara and Saif Ali khan comments about their life

In a TV show” coffee with Karan” Saif Ali Khan paired up with his daughter Sara Ali khan and they talked about their personal life’s. Sara said that I’m a weird combination of my father and mother. I have a mind like my father and heart like my mother. I was not pressurized by my father to call out Kareena Kapoor my mother. Also Kareena hadn’t wanted herself to be my mom. She is very friendly with me. I also love Taimur(son of Kareena and saif) as Ibrahim. She says i also go on outing with Kareena. I joined a trip last year with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan and i enjoyed a lot. She says when i see my mom and dad happy, Kareena is also happy with dad, we both ( Sara and Ibrahim) are happy, than what other thing we wants. We are happy modern family.
In that show Saif Ali Khan says that i wrote a letter to Amrita Singh before i was getting married to Kareena Kapoor. And I asked Kareena can i send this message to her and she was so generous. She said it was all
okay with me just go for it. Life is all good. There is no regret over past. I’m very happy that my children are with me so i don’t need anything else.
Last but not the least Sara Ali khan and Saif Ali Khan have the best equation of father-daughter