Bollywood fight for Movie title Pulwama, Surgical Strike to point Zero

Despite the hands of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the field of army and politics in the field of battle, Indian producers working hard to register names for their upcoming movie regarding the Pulwama attacks and the tension created in its context.

According to the US News website, on February 26, Indian aircraft hit Pakistan’s boundaries and claimed that 350 people were killed in Pakistan. Indian film producers quickly instructed the Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association’s Office (IMPPA) and started registering the name for the movies.

On February 26, India’s 5 major production houses registered the name. A producer on the occasion called it Farrago, who was at the Motion Pictures office at that time and said that producers fought against each other for registering BalaKot, Surgical Strike 2.0, Pulwama Attack.

Why Bollywood fight for Movie title Pulwama, Surgical Strike to point Zero, Balakot

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Because Bollywood is a big industry for movies. Nowadays movies earning more than 100 crores in weeks. Producers spend 40 50 crores and they earn their investment back in 1st or 2nd week after their opening day. Pulwama and Surgical Strike is trending everywhere, in newspaper, social media and on TV. So producers want to buy a trending name for their movies.
People will love to watch what happened actually there. But it is up to the producers that they want to show the reality or just 1 side of the story. So People should know the facts of both sides of the story. Because, if you only see one side of the story then there could be a chance of an unrealistic approach.